July 22, 2004

NeW sTuDiO!

My new studio is up and running! The walls are painted, the shelving is up and the curtains are hung. I'm so excited!! It took three weeks to transfer all my craft stuff from one space to the other, but I also did a much a needed reorganization during the move. I have tons of shelves now, 36 feet to be exact, and yes, they're full already. I thought I'd have room left over for "future growth" but nope, every square inch is being utilized.

The photo shows a neat and tidy workspace - just a fa├žade. I straightened it up before snapping the photos. Normally, I only have about six square inches of work area that's free from clutter and that's where I create my new pieces. Yes, even with all the new storage and shelves my area is still a mess. I think for an artist, having a cluttered workspace is genetically coded into our systems. When my workspace is too neat and tidy my creative juices don't flow nearly as well. So, with that said, I'm off to create!