June 28, 2004

Assemblage/Altered Artist = "Green Artist"

Today, I discovered by accident that I am a "green" artist. Actually, about 75% green. I recycle - give things away instead of adding to landfills, use energy efficient items, etc., but I never really thought of my art in terms of being "green." I really like the idea of not wasting natural resources, recycling, and finding more energy efficient ways of doing things. I even enjoyed watching "Living With Ed."

Have you gone "green" without realizing it? You might be "green" if you:

* Visit rummage/garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, second-hand stores, etc. and scour for items you can use in your artwork. I have found my best pieces to alter at a thrift store. I find games (I use the pieces for projects and the board as a canvas or focal point for artwork), paints, text books, magazines, ribbon, tins, old jewelry, etc. all for bargain prices.

* Use empty food boxes to cut ATC backs or for chipboard canvas. Cereal boxes make excellent canvases for artwork and smaller boxes, like macaroni & cheese boxes, are great for making sturdy ATC backs that hold up well to heavier embellishments. I use sturdy gift boxes as shadow boxes - 1 box = 2 shadow boxes, the top and bottom.

* Join "ephemera" or "craft goodies" swaps where you trade bags or envelopes full of supplies. This is a great way to gather many different types of items without having to purchase them. Swap-bot (http://www.swap-bot.com) usually has several craft goodies swaps every month.

* Use what you find in nature. I have gathered rocks, seashells, beach glass, leaves, flowers and twigs to use in my artwork. Dry the flowers or press between sheets of waxed paper, and spray leaves and twigs with clear varnish and you're good to go.

Go green!

June 21, 2004

Art Supplies - Getting Started

If you have scrapbook supplies, you're ahead of the game. Below is my list of basic "must have" items you'll need for about any altered art or ATC project, supplies that are nice additions beyond the basics, and what I consider, luxury supplies - advanced craft skill items, things you can do without or things that are pricey.

Must Have Supplies

Scissors - a small pair for detailed work and a large pair
Exacto Knife and Blades
Tweezers - for picking up small rhinestones
Tacky Glue - large bottle
Glue Dots - when Tacky glue won't do
E6000 Glue - for heavyweight items, metal, etc.
Glitter Glue - I found 3 bottles, 3 different colors for $1 at a dollar store
Glitter (usually coarsly ground)
Prism Glitter - finely ground glitter
Cardboard - save food boxes; cereal, mac & cheese, crackers, etc.
Cardstock - acid & lingnin free, in a variety of colors
Patterned Scrapbook Paper - acid & lingnin free, purchase in bulk on eBay
Paper Trimmer - a must for cutting and cropping photo's and paper

Beyond the Basic's

Ribbon - Michael's Craft Store usually has a $1 bin of ribbons
Fibers (or yarn) - I bought a large lot of various kinds of fibers on eBay
Embroidery floss
Gel Pens, Colored Pencils, Markers and/or Crayons
Watercolor Paint or Pencils - either of these are a must have
Collage Sheets or printed sheets of graphics
Foam Adhesive Squares - gives a 3D effect when used to adhere photos/graphics
Brads - you probably won't use them often but good to have
Eyelets - save $$ by buying gold, silver, black and/or antiqued instead of colors
Eyelet Setter - avoid buying the set, just about everyone owns a hammer
Silk flowers or Prima Flowers
Rhinestones - various shapes and sizes
Wire - silver, copper, gold, and/or rusted
Hot glue gun (I rarely use mine)
Decorative Edge Scissors
Rubber Stamps
Ink Pads for rubber stamps
Clear protective sleeves (for ATC's)
Photo Corners
Premade Die Cuts
Chalk - the kind artists use

Luxury or Advanced Skills Supplies

Embossing Powder
Heat Gun for embossing
Die Cut Machine - Sizzix or Cuttlebug (personally, not worth purchasing)
Dies for die cutting machine

Around The House

Paper towel tubes and toilet tissue tubes
Empty tins
Empty containers Egg cartons
Baby food jars
Bottle caps
Strawberry or cherry tomato baskets
Old Christmas cards
Styrofoam trays
Mesh bags from fruit
Labels from canned goods
Broken/old jewelry
Old keys

June 16, 2004

Art Studio Make-Over

In a few weeks I'll begin my studio room make-over. I found this inspiration photo. My studio walls will be turquiose, the ceiling soft pink, and the door, trim, and curtains lime green. And of course, my art studio won't be nearly as neat and clean *lol*. I can't seem to work in an area that's too tidy. I guess that's why the name cHaoTiC aRtwOrKs seemed to fit so well.

June 05, 2004

Junkie looking for a Fix!

This is a picture of my old studio - disorganized, small, cluttered (and surprisingly I work best in "clutter"). I'm giving my studio a major cleaning and clearing out. All of my art supplies have been pulled from their old nesting spots and are scattered about in boxes, waiting for their new and better home. And suddenly I have an overwhelming urge to create something - after months of
"artists block."

Yes. Now that I can't get to most of my supplies my mind is overflowing with cool, creative ideas for future projects - and I'm ready to tear my hair out! I found some empty snow globes that hold photo's and want to use them to create altered art pieces. I want to try my hand at making felt food, and want to work on the chunky/fat book I started at the end of last year. And then there's the board book I just purchased from Skybluepink... I have a ton of ideas for that.

I can only hope my muse hold's out until after the renovation is completed.