June 05, 2004

Junkie looking for a Fix!

This is a picture of my old studio - disorganized, small, cluttered (and surprisingly I work best in "clutter"). I'm giving my studio a major cleaning and clearing out. All of my art supplies have been pulled from their old nesting spots and are scattered about in boxes, waiting for their new and better home. And suddenly I have an overwhelming urge to create something - after months of
"artists block."

Yes. Now that I can't get to most of my supplies my mind is overflowing with cool, creative ideas for future projects - and I'm ready to tear my hair out! I found some empty snow globes that hold photo's and want to use them to create altered art pieces. I want to try my hand at making felt food, and want to work on the chunky/fat book I started at the end of last year. And then there's the board book I just purchased from Skybluepink... I have a ton of ideas for that.

I can only hope my muse hold's out until after the renovation is completed.