June 30, 2009

Tinnovations - Altoid Tin Works of Art

I love creating works of art from empty Altoid tins - tiny, 3D shadowboxes with delightful scenes. Recently, I was contacted by howstuffworks.com, a Discovery
Channel affiliate, about my Altoid tin art, and was asked if I would be interested in submitting my work for an new Altoid ad campaign called "Tinnovations". My "Flying Circus" piece was selected, and included on the "howstuffworks" website.

To make an Altoid tin shadowbox very few supplies are needed - an empty tin, paper, paint or fabric to cover the tin, some graphic images, a few embellishments or "found" objects and a good craft glue. You can use the entire tin, or just the top or bottom. The tin pictured is a hanging tin. I used a drill and small bit to add two holes in the top for the string, and one hole in the bottom center for the charms and clown shoes.

Tins make a great gift and can be personalized using the recipients favorite theme.