October 14, 2006

Fun & Easy Wooden Dominoes Pendants

Dominoes can be made into necklaces/pendants, key chains, magnets, or displayed as works of art.
Altering wooden dominoes is an easy craft project when you want results in a short amount of time. The pendants below were made in less than an hour.

You will need:


Craft paper or graphics
Glue (craft glue to adhere the paper or graphic and E6000 to adhere the bail or
String (if you're making a necklace/pendant)
Small bead (long beads work best) or bail

Small embellishments - seashells, rhinestones, glitter, etc.

1. Measure your domino so you can cut your craft paper or size your graphics to fit. Print graphics and cut to size.

2. Glue paper or graphic to the side of the domino that does not have the number dots, this way, your necklace/pendant is reversible. Let dry for a few hours. This is a good time to add an acrylic/varnish sealant to the entire domino. Let dry completely before going to the next step.

3. Next, glue the bail or bead to the domino. I use beads, they're cheaper and easier to find.

4. Add embellishments, glitter, etc. using craft glue or E6000 for heavier objects.

5. Let dry overnight then cut a length of cord or string, tying the end.