September 26, 2006

Hanging Small Format Art Cards

As you know, if you've ready my past posts, my favorite artwork pieces to create are art cards. Normally my art cards are small, about 4x6 inches or less. I have some larger pieces of heavy chipboard and decided to use those instead. The two cards below are approximately 7 x 8 inches (Nude Beach) and 6 x 6.5 inches (Paris). I enjoyed making these more than the smaller versions because the pieces I used in the collage were larger, and easier to handle.

For these cards, I placed the graphics so that they would extend beyond the border of the chipboard. I thought this gave the cards a unique look, being "outside the lines". After arranging the pieces in a pattern I was happy with, I glued them down - with the exception of a few pieces. I like to give my artwork a dimensional look. The vintage dancer and the Eiffel Tower were applied using 1/4 inch thick photo mounts, so they stand away from the background, and the same on Nude Beach with the vintage nude and the grandstand. After a light garnishing with embellishments they were finished!